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  • Play 5 Differences
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  • Play Achievement Unlocked
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    Achievement Unlocked

    Don't worry about beating levels, finding ways to kill enemies, or beating the final boss... there are none. Focus solely on your ultimate destiny... doing random tasks that have nothing to do with anything.

  • Play Agnry Faic 2
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    Agnry Faic 2

    Climb as far into the sky as you can by jumping on top of the other emoticons.

  • Play Andrew the Droid
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    Andrew the Droid

    The game is a mix of platform, action and puzzle. How far can you get?

  • Play Angel of the Battlefield 2
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    Angel of the Battlefield 2

    The Angel of the Battlefield rabbit is back for more! Help him save the wounded pilots and take them to the doctor's tent.

  • Play Another Planet 2
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    Another Planet 2

    Help the cute alien get his gem and reach the exit in each level.

  • Play Astronauticus
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    You have to lead a mission to rescue an astronauts who get lost in outer space.

  • Play Ben 10 Alien Balls
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    Ben 10 Alien Balls

    Ben 10 has found a crypt where an evil machine is used to make Vilgax creatures eggs. Help him to get rid of them by gathering them together in threes or more of the same creature. Look out! You have a limited amount of time and if the eggs go over the machine, you lose the game!

  • Play Ben10 Ultimate Alien Puzzle
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    Ben10 Ultimate Alien Puzzle

    A great jigsaw puzzle, built on Ultimate Alien episode of Ben 10. It contains 5 levels, each with a different image, and different difficulty.

  • Play Black Knight-Insurrection
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    Black Knight-Insurrection

    Kill the KING! A clever and gorgeous puzzle game. Use a Knight's move to collect stars and capture the king. Good luck!

  • Play Block Drop
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    Block Drop

    Control a gem that jumps around different 3D block formations. Your goal is to remove all of the blocks by jumping off each one leaving only the checkered block behind. The game starts off easy, but very soon becomes challenging because each successive level has bigger and bigger block formations.

  • Play Bob the Robber 2
    Bob the Robber 2

    Is the city in danger again? It looks like a job for our hero - robber Bob! Angry dogs, watchful securities and cameras, laser gratings and... zombies!!! Help Bob to save the city from Gamp corporation!

  • Play Bookworm Adventures
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    Bookworm Adventures

    The goal of the Bookworm game is to create words to feed the hungry Bookworm, while watching out for burning letters that could ignite your library! Play Bookworm Adventures to become the nerdiest bookworm!

  • Play Brain Follow
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    Brain Follow

    This game will challenge your logic and memory skills to the max. Your objective is to follow the exact path the brain creature takes to reach the level end. If you stray off the path, you will fall into the pit of despair, where none may return.

  • Play Brick Stacker
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    Brick Stacker

    Build yet another tower from just 60 bricks. Mixes 99 Bricks and Super Stacker my way.

  • Play Bucketball
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    Shoot the balls in the same colored buckets, using the mouse.

  • Play Candy Slider
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    Candy Slider

    Slide the yummy candies to match 3 or more! Fill the big candy before time is up, to get to the next level. But beware the chewing gums that lock your candies! To get out of a sticky situation, use the small candy buttons to remove all candies of that type.Instructions: Drag a row or column of candies with the mouse. Click a small candy button on the left, when it's filled, to remove all candies of that type.

  • Play Cheese Race
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    Cheese Race

    Do you like cheese? Mice adore it, but on the thorny and full of dangers way to the cheese, various traps awaits them. Squeeze your brain! Lead the mouse through 24 puzzling levels to the cheese.

  • Play Chronotron
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    Each level contains a puzzle that must be solved by interacting with past versions of yourself. The game records your movements. When you use the Time Pod to travel back to the beginning of the level, you see a past version of yourself doing exactly what you did before entering the pod. You can create as many copies of yourself as you need to solve the puzzle, but be careful not to change the past too much. If you interfere with a past self's ability to return to the Time Pod, you cause a PARADOX!

  • Play Crazy Old Man
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    Crazy Old Man

    You are a crazy old man who somehow found himself in a basement filled in puzzles. In order to escape you need to pass through the levels and find out how get to the exit door in each level!

  • Play Dechmog
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    Dechmog is a great physics game which features Dechmog, your little monster pet! All you have to do is help Dechmog to get his eye back by clicking on the clouds to help the eye reach him. If you manage that he will even say thanks in his own little way!

  • Play Demolition City
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    Demolition City

    Demolition City is a physics-based destruction game. Your mission is to destroy each building with your dynamite. Place dynamite on concrete and hit *BOOM*. Each level has limited dynamite and requirements for dropping splits below the goal line.

  • Play Demolition City 2
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    Demolition City 2

    Put your explosives in the right spots to make buildings topple below the specified height. Boom goes the dynamite!

  • Play DifferenceGames - Dreams
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    DifferenceGames - Dreams

    Escape into the magical world of dreams with this beautiful spot the difference adventure.

  • Play Doodle Roll
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    Doodle Roll

    Twist and turn the platforms to guide the doodle ball home. There are 30 levels of thought provoking fun in this physics based puzzle game.

  • Play Easter Match Remove
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    Easter Match Remove

    Your basket is full of Easter Eggs! The more you match, the more Easter Bells you will receive! Click on a group of two or more eggs of the same color to remove them and win Easter Bells. Reach the bells line before the time runs out to go to the next level.

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