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  • Play 8 Kristals Adventure
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    8 Kristals Adventure

    The Kristals have secret powers that people we searching for ages. Now Ben is getting very close to them. Help your hero to solve the mystery, enter in another dimension, and fight all your way though your victory. Collect objects, earn trophies, transform into 10 different Alien forms and much more.

  • Play Adventure Jack
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    Adventure Jack

    Jack is an adventurer. He was flying over the sea with his small aircraft. While he was above a jungle island, his aircraft's engine indicates failure and he lost the control of the aircraft. He escaped before it crashes and safely landed in the island. Now he has to escape from the island and only possible way is to find a boat. He know there is an old boat house in the island, but he do not know how to reach there.Game objective is to help him to reach the boat house by guide through the jungle. In each level player have to help him to find the required objects to proceed and way to boat house. Use the mouse to guide him to the objects to interact with them or collect them. Keep an eye on his energy level and get the food when its goes down to avoid losing life.

  • Play Andagel
    3 Stars Icon

    Mega-corporation Chemicoy has murdered the creator of an unlimited power supply and stolen her String fusion technology. Andagel must infiltrate Chemicoy's desert refinery and escape with the power source.

  • Play Attack of the Puppy Bots
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  • Play Batman Skycreeper
    3 Stars Icon
    Batman Skycreeper

    The Joker is trying to finally get rid of Batman by throwing construction materials on top of him! In Batman Skycreeper, you must help the Caped Crusader bounce between the skyscrapers to reach the Joker before he is crushed to death!

  • Play Bazooka Boy: Level Pack
    3 Stars Icon
    Bazooka Boy: Level Pack

    Level Pack edition. A young boy equipped with a bazooka exploring caves while looking for gold.

  • Play Ben 10 Adventure
    3 Stars Icon
    Ben 10 Adventure

    Gwen has been kidnapped by the ultimate big chill. The only way to rescue Gwen is to defeat the ultimate big chill. Good luck! You will need it.

  • Play Ben 10 Omnitrix Unleashed
    3 Stars Icon
    Ben 10 Omnitrix Unleashed

    Use the Omnitrix to help Ben battle in the Omnitrix Unleashed!

  • Play Ben 10 Samurai Warrior
    3 Stars Icon
    Ben 10 Samurai Warrior

    Ben 10 has been caught in a Samurai video game! Help him survive and get out in this new adventure!

  • Play Black Beak's Treasure Cove
    3 Stars Icon
    Black Beak's Treasure Cove

    Find the bottled message at the end of each level and discover the famed treasure...

  • Play Blackwood Prologue
    3 Stars Icon
    Blackwood Prologue

    Explore the dreams of a young boy, foreshadowing the events of his future. There are 6 hidden orbs that you need to find.

  • Play Caveman Run
    3 Stars Icon
    Caveman Run

    You play as Rehman, a caveman who lived 65 million years ago in the cretaceous period. A period where dinosaurs lived. Use your stonezooka to survive in this lethal world.

  • Play Charger Escape
    3 Stars Icon
    Charger Escape

    Can you help transform an ordinary horse into a magical unicorn, and then into a winged pegasus? Only then can you help this amazing Charger Escape from the barn and realize its true potential!

  • Play Crash Bandicoot
    3 Stars Icon
    Crash Bandicoot

    Play the classic Crash Bandicoot Online! Go through all the levels and complete the whole adventure!

  • Play Crazy Hangover
    3 Stars Icon
    Crazy Hangover

    After the big party, now the hangover. A hilarious game of point and click, featuring funny incidents and peculiar characters.

  • Play Doctor Acorn
    3 Stars Icon
    Doctor Acorn

    Join the great adventure of Doctor Acorn, it is a fun adventure game, you have to solve the puzzle in order to move on in your adventure.

  • Play Dr Lee
    3 Stars Icon
    Dr Lee

    Help Dr Lee on his mad adventure. Start flying to earn cash and upgrade the rocket. Earn coins by collecting $ floating around in the sky. Blast your way into the clouds going upwards, but the main aim is to get as far as you can for a higher score. The more upgrades you get the easier flying will become.

  • Play Dragon Ball 3
    3 Stars Icon
    Dragon Ball 3

    Your objective in Dragon Ball 3 is to help Goku to find the two lost dragon balls that have been captured by the evil red soldier alliance. Chase the red soldiers and destroy them while avoiding all their attacks. Use the WASD keys to control your movement, press the L key to swing your stick, also press and hold the L key to assemble full energy and release the button to fire dragon ball, and use K key to gain 50 health points. Watch out for your health level and do not let it deplete else you will lose.

  • Play Dragon Sword 2
    3 Stars Icon
    Dragon Sword 2

    Yan Loong the Legend is back for more action against the bad guys. Play this sick sword swinging action game with tons of new features. You can now level up, learn new skills, upgrade skill and more! Dragon Sword 2 is a very fun online game.

  • Play Drake in Winterland Competition
    3 Stars Icon
    Drake in Winterland Competition

    Drake's back! Collect crystals and bump off the competition to pass each level of this fiery adventure game. Purchase upgrades in the wizard's store and earn medals for impressive performances. Feel free to stomp on dragons and bulls, but watch out for armadillos and other spiky obstacles! Take too much damage and you'll have to start over.

  • Play Eleventh Hour
    3 Stars Icon
    Eleventh Hour

    Your mission is to race against the time and conduct a search and rescue to save your daughter before the city is bombed by a nuclear bomb.

  • Play Gator Duck Hunt
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    Gator Duck Hunt

    Daddy Gator and the baby gator are hungry. They need to hunt something to feed theirempty stomach. There are ducks out there in the platform. Help both gators get all the duckby solving puzzle in order to get to the duck. use wasd to move the big gator, arrow to move the baby gator, space to jump

  • Play Hands of War RPG
    3 Stars Icon
    Hands of War RPG

    Hands of War is an live-action RPG. Choose from 3 classes (Wizard, Ranger, Warrior) all with different play styles and abilities. With 7 different factions in the game, you have the choice of whom you will aid, and of whom you will make your enemy.

  • Play Heist
    3 Stars Icon

    You're a thief, but not just any thief, the best thief ever. You plan on taking on your greatest challenge yet - stealing the World Diamond - the biggest diamond in the world worth millions of dollars.

  • Play Herm the Germ
    3 Stars Icon
    Herm the Germ

    Collect the red blood cells to replicate. Clones of yourself can jump in mid-air while spawning! Treat this like a double jump! If you get stuck restart with the R button. Reach the human's brain to infect him!

  • Play House of Lost Souls
    3 Stars Icon
    House of Lost Souls

    Deep in the Black Forest lives a demon, trapping souls lost in the spirit world in skull coins hidden inside his mansion. Our hero Kobalt must find the coins and set the lost souls free. Huge adventure awaits!

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