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  • Play 3 Foot Ninja 1
    2 Stars Icon
    3 Foot Ninja 1

    Help little ninja defeat enemies and collect all the scrolls to move to the next level.

  • Play 60 Seconds Later
    3 Stars Icon
    60 Seconds Later

    You have 60 seconds to try to stop the zombie apocalypse. Made for a 60 second game contest. You play as robin hood and run around shooting zombies while you try to save as many villagers as you can.

  • Play Aarrggbb!!
    3 Stars Icon

    A zombie shooter with a twist! Match the same color bullets to the same color zombies to shoot them down. Includes upgrades and bonus weapons! Blitz mode for sixty seconds of zombie slaying and getting the highest score in the leader boards.

  • Play Abutu The Hunter
    3 Stars Icon
    Abutu The Hunter

    You are a female hunter in Africa. Let's put your gun skills to the test. Shoot down as many birds as you can in the given time.

  • Play Agent Smith
    3 Stars Icon
    Agent Smith

    The bad guys captured skyscraper. Only Agent Smith can help them through the crowd of enemies and save all hostages!

  • Play Alias 3
    3 Stars Icon
    Alias 3

    Fight your way through this side scrolling shooter as A.L.I.A.S (Artificial Lifeform Intended for Assassination and Sabotage).

  • Play Alien Assault
    3 Stars Icon
    Alien Assault

    Defends your base from the Alien Assault. Hordes of alien creatures are trying to blow up your buildings. Make sure you keep hope alive for humanity by destroying them all, before they get a chance to do the same to you. At the start of each wave you will be shown where the enemy invasion is coming from, so be sure to use those few seconds to rearrange your troops and come up with a strategy. Take command of your little soldiers and decide where they will shoot.

  • Play Alien Hominid
    3 Stars Icon
    Alien Hominid

    Your UFO has crash landed, and the FBI is out to get you! Time to take them out!

  • Play Alien vs Robots
    3 Stars Icon
    Alien vs Robots

    A cool action shooting game with 15 challenging levels. You control the alien in his flying saucer and you have to take down the enemy robots. Collect diamonds and upgrade your weapons. There are 9 powerful weapons and 4 special powers you can use to create more destruction. Arm the alien with guns in the inventory screen. Are you skilled enough to unlock all 24 achievements?

  • Play Attack of the Giant Llamas
    3 Stars Icon
    Attack of the Giant Llamas

    The ferocious, fire-breathing llamas are on a rampage! You must warn the villagers living on the mountain before they are flamed. Complete all 4 levels to save the day! Beware the falling boulders and the llama's fiery breath!

  • Play B/W Rush
    3 Stars Icon
    B/W Rush

    How far can you run? Start the crazy race in this monochromatic world, avoid gaps, obstacles and traps, buy special abilities and weapons and be the top runner! Controls: Use WASD to move and mouse to collect and shoot. P to Pause game.

  • Play Bat That Rat
    3 Stars Icon
    Bat That Rat

    Its time for revenge on that pesky rat that's been raiding your kitchen, now you have the chance to send it as far away from your house as possible with all the best weapons, upgrades, and much much more. good luck

  • Play Battlefield 2
    3 Stars Icon
    Battlefield 2

    Stay alive for longer by shooting all the enemies with your automatic machine gun to win this battle.

  • Play Bearbarians
    3 Stars Icon

    Build an army of bears and fight your way through enemies in this battle arena game.

  • Play Ben 10 Ultimatrix
    3 Stars Icon
    Ben 10 Ultimatrix

    Ben 10 Ultimate adventure begins with Ultimatrix. Your mission is to kill all the enemies and find the key to unlock the next level. Passing the zone is not so easy, since there are more surprise enemies waiting all over the place and laser zones to kill all your energy. Kill the unwanted Aliens and fire down space crafts. Exclusive entertainment for Ben 10 fans. Watch, play and have fun all over again!

  • Play Blueshift
    3 Stars Icon

    An awesome side-scrolling shooter. Grab some powerups and start blasting.

  • Play Boss 101
    3 Stars Icon
    Boss 101

    Fight robo-animals, samurai, aliens and DINOSAURS! You heard right! Take the role of Max, a teenager with a jetpack, in order to save the world. Join him to beat aliens, win cash, buy upgrades and cool hats while fighting to beat Boss 101.

  • Play BrainDef
    3 Stars Icon

    In BrainDef you help Mr. Brains (who's actually a brain in a jar) defend himself from waves of zombies.

  • Play Brave Soldier
    3 Stars Icon
    Brave Soldier

    Your brave soldier is on mission. His objective is to defend the army base building. Shoot all the enemies to kill them. Hire gunman and craftman in your army.Upgrade your weapons in store and Use them wisely. Watch your health bar and upgrade it after each level.

  • Play Buccaneer Battle
    3 Stars Icon
    Buccaneer Battle

    Pirates of inland lake, here comes a pirate fighting game especially for you!

  • Play Call of Bieber
    3 Stars Icon
    Call of Bieber

    Call of Bieber is a funny shooter game where Bieber goes on a rampage killing cops.

  • Play Cannon Little Red Riding Hood
    3 Stars Icon
    Cannon Little Red Riding Hood

    Get rid of all the bad guys by launching a bubble at them!

  • Play City At Combat
    3 Stars Icon
    City At Combat

    A dangerous group of gangsters have been messing around in town. As the top combat officer, you have been appointed to kill the gangsters and eliminate the gang using your superior tactical combat skills!

  • Play City Siege Sniper
    3 Stars Icon
    City Siege Sniper

    Take on the role of a lone sniper in the City Siege universe and save SNAFU Island from the Baddies. City Siege Sniper takes City Siege and combines it with Sieger, a bit of Ghost Recon Future Soldier and throws in a few puzzle elements as well.

  • Play Clear Vision 2
    3 Stars Icon
    Clear Vision 2

    Can this Swedish sniper find a way to use his talents for good, not evil? Can he banish the ghosts of his past? Only one way to find out.

  • Play Comic Stars Fighting 3
    3 Stars Icon
    Comic Stars Fighting 3

    This is the invincible version of "Comic Stars Fighting 3". Enjoy the unlimited fun by killing all the enemies!

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